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About ME :)

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I'm Archana(sweet enough isn't it ;-)). My Grandma and Aunt are my best friends. We three can talk for hours about almost anything. At times, my uncle finds this a bit annoying,especially when he is watching TV. It seems that the favorite hobby of my younger brothers, Christ and Eric, is messing up my room. My mom says my room is like a treasure hunt for them. Sitting at home without them is so boring, except for the time I am sleeping.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, majors in Software Engineering & Networking, and presently employed in a non-IT field at E&H, Penang.

I am staying with my grandma, uncle & family(Aunt, Jithin, Jithish & Jishnu). This is the best part, staying with your grandparents, isnít it? I donít know why, I am more closed to my grandparents. Maybe coz' I have spend most part of my life with them. My parents & brother are in Kerala, India. My mom(Mrs. Maya)is a housewife and dad(Dr. Venugopal) a doctor. And my brother, Ashwin, is 13 years old.

About my hobbies ?! sleeping,talking... well, sleeping is my favourite pastime. I enjoy dancing (barathanatiyam), reading poems, music, movies, collecting coins, paintings & seashells. I like to play with my cousins Jithin(Jithu's site)(4.5 years old) & Jithish( Lulu - 3 years old). I do love surfing Net... Other interests include astronomy, ancient history, mythology, paranormal related & lateral thinking stuffs

Dislikes are ;-)... I don't have that many. Yes, I don't like someone deliberately irritating me when I'm in a bad mood!!

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