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About me??!

So, you like to know more about me....


I'm Archana... sweet enough isn't it. ;-)

I'm currently in Penang, Malaysia kinda of settle here FOR NOW.

I was born on July,1980 in Ipoh, Malaysia. I lived in Ipoh for the first 21 months of my life before my parents moved to India. I grew up in Trichur, Kerala. After schooling i came back to Malaysia to do my Pre-computing & degree.

About my parents... my mom is housewife, dad a doctor. I got one brother, who is schooling. My parents & brother are in Kerala. Well, I am staying with my grandma & uncle's family. So life is wonderful !!! And yes... Penang is a GREAT PLACE.

And about my hobbies, I love to talk to people. That's my favourite passtime. I enjoy dancing (barathanatiyam), reading poems, music, movies, collecting coins, paintings & seashells. ... I like to play with my cute cousin brothers Jithu(3 1/2 years old) & lulu (22 months old) . I do love surf Net... and Paranormal activities!Like to read lateral thinking stuffs. Hey, like to share some of interests...?! please get in touch. :) Now you know about my interests! I am sure that you want to know about my dislikes?? As to what my dislikes are...I don't have that many. Yes... someone deliberately irritating me when I'm in a bad mood!!

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